Oolong Tea Blends

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2 products

Dating back to ancient China, oolong tea stood for two important concepts: “black” and “dragon.” The word “oolong” speaks for itself, boasting a varying range of light to bold flavors, with a mixture of grassy and floral notes, finishing with a sweet and toasty touch. Our healthy oolong tea catalog will help you relax after a long day.

Antioxidants from our fine oolong tea blends were found to have lower bad cholesterol levels, along with containing L-theanine to help improve brain activity and better sleep. Our organic oolong tea brings you closer to tranquility, leaving you feeling at peace.

We carry various gourmet oolong tea flavors, including Citrus Sorbet and Hazelnut Vanilla. Try our vanilla oolong blend with your favorite dessert for a whirlwind of flavor.

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